Manufacturing IoT devices for the Ag value chain.

Bi-directional active low power sensor and activation GPS devices.


Our Partners

Our OEM Process

Evaluate & Design

While making our own devices, we advise on, design and collaborate with multiple device (node) makers. Ensuring every device meets with our “tough test” agri-performance requirements.

Register & Connect

Once we’ve determined a device (node) is suitable and capable of meeting Agri needs, we carry out extensive testing to ensure its suitability for agricultural use within the AgriWAN global IOT solution family.

Network Connection

Deploying our unique mix of LoRaWAN, NBIOT and long range WiFi we ensure all devices (nodes) are able to communicate as required, when required and as Agri applications expect.

Data & Visualisation

Connecting our network server to the AgriWAN platform provides data for visualisation on the AgriWAN desktop and App or available via API to third party software/solution services.

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